About Us

Dian Hendra is the CEO of PT. Kameela Hijabku Indonesia and the designer of the Kemala Hijabku brand. She has been in the clothing line, especially syar’i fashion since March 2015.

Starting with building the Kameela Hijabku brand, in early 2021 finally added 2 more new brands, one of which was Kemala Hijabku. Her motivation apart from wanting to preach in the fashion world, she also wanted to make Kameela Hijabku a trend setter for syar’i fashion not only in Indonesia but also abroad.


Kameela Hijabku is the center of Muslim fashion and Islamic hijab in Indonesia, we provide Islamic Islamic clothing with a wide selection of models that are good, elegant, and of course charming.

Islamic clothing from our shop is guaranteed quality with comfortable materials, of course. We are a solution to the needs of Muslim clothing for Indonesians at affordable prices but with satisfying quality.

Syar’i Muslim clothing is recommended to cover genitals, besides that, elegant clothes with various designs will add to your appearance even more enchanting.  Kameela Hijab always innovates to bring Muslim clothing products that are increasingly high quality and in accordance with the trends of today’s society.